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Space-Ray Heaters


  • Cast Iron Multi-Port Burner For Even Heat Distribution And Long Life.

  • Base Mounted Burner And Controls For Easy Access And Maintenance.

  • 10-Year Limited Warranty On Cast Iron Burner.


  • High Quality, Compact Gas Control Valve With Standing Pilot And 100% Gas Shut-Off Safety Control In The Event Of Flame Failure.

  • Pressure Test Point - 1/8" Plug To Check For Correct Operating Gas Pressure.

  • No Electrical Supply Required And No Moving Parts.


Radiant Emitter

  • Stainless Steel Radiant Emitter And Combustion Chamber For Durability.

  • Emitter Temperature Averages 1400 F For Higher Radiant Efficiency.


  • Heavy Gauge Steel Body Construction, Welded For Strength And Bolted For Easy Maintenance.

  • Expanded Metal Guard To Prevent Contact With Emitter.

  • 18" Diameter Heavy Gauge Steel Base For Stability.

  • Pilot And Main Burner Located Within Combustion Chamber For Protection From Dirt, Draft And Damage.


  • Optional Reflectors Available For Directional Heating.

  • Optional Barrier Guard Ring Available For Additional Safety.

  • Heaters Can Be Shipped By UPS.