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Mr. Heater Heaters

Reflective Radiant Heat With The Warmth of The Sun!

Efficient Radiant Heat - Heats objects not the air
Instant Heat -Economical, efficient, and clean burning
Economical - No electricity required
Quiet Operation - No blowers
Convenient - Folding handle and transport wheels provide heat where you need it
Ready To Use - Simple hook-up; Hose and regulator included
Safe - Heater shuts off with loss of flame or if tipper over (tip over switch only on mh35lp)
Made To Last - Rugged, durable steel construction
Construction Sites  Remodeling Jobs  Workshops  Repair Shops  Sporting Events  Loading
   Docks  Farm Buildings  Many Other Heating Needs
Original Series Tank-top Heaters

Efficient - Heats radiantly, directly. No loss of heat to the air.
Fast - Reaches full output in seconds.
Economical - No electricity required.
Convenient - Fully assembled, ready for use.
Quiet - No noisy, annoying blowers.
Durable - Made of rugged quality materials. For outdoor use
Problem-Free - No moving parts. Minimum Maintenance.
Guaranteed - One year warranty.
Model MH12T - Single Tank-top Propane Heater
Model MH12TS - Single Tank-top Propane Heater w/Piezo Igniter
Model MH12C - Single Cooker Propane Heater
Model MH24T - Double Tank-top Propane Heater
Model MH24TS - Double Tank-top Propane Heater with Piezo Igniter
Model MH42T - Triple Tank-top Propane Heater




220,000 BTU's

Hand Held Propane Torch
Ready To Use - Works off the pressure of a propane tank; No regulator required
Made To Last - Durable welded tube nozzle; 31" heavy-duty handle
All Season Use - Commercial offices, factories, institutions, warehouses, parks, farms, homes, and parking lots
Clean Burning - No fumes or smoke
This 31-inch weed burner is handy for burning weeds and stumps, heating tar and asphalt, and melting ice and snow. Features include a 20 ft. hose and a safety P.O.L. valve. It's lightweight, easy to use, and CSA certified.
Burn Weeds  Burn Stumps  Repair Asphalt  Heat & Seal Tar  Melt Snow & Ice  Remove Road
   Markings  Thaw Pipes