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HeatBox Heaters

- The Better Little Heater!


Designed to provide heat wherever contractor’s job sites or industrial applications call for clean, breathable, warm air.
No open flame.
Constructed of rugged thermoplastic alloy to prevent dents and rusting.
HOTBOX electric heaters come completely assembled and pre-wired with an 8’ length of cable and plug.
MPH102401 HOTBOX Electric Heater


Model: kW: Volts: Phase: Amps: BtuH: Weight:
MPH102401 9.6/7.2 240/208 1 40/34.7 32,765/24,574 55
MPH152401 15/11.3 240/208 1 62.5/54.2 51,195/44,369 55
MPH152403 15/11.3 240/208 3 36.1/31.3 51,195/44,369 55
MPH154803 15 480 3 18.0 51,195 55
MPH304803 30 480 3 36.1 102,390 65
MPH306003 30 600 3 29.1 102,390 65
MPH406003 40 600 3 38.5 136,520 65
MPH1004803 100 480 3 120 340,000 120
The Smallest, Lightest, and most Affordable
Portable Electric Heaters on the Market!
Mosebach has done it again! We’ve
squeezed more heat into a smaller package – the smallest heaters of their type now available. The HotBox Xtreme™ takes our locomotive-proven resistor design one step further – we now offer designs up to 614,000 BtuH, or 180 kW.

HotBox Xtreme™ uses Mosebach’s unique
WeldlessWeave™, a continuous resistor
ribbon that contains no welds. This design has been proven over dozens of years on locomotives and giant mining trucks, in models up to 5,000 kW. We have now adapted the technology for use in small, portable electric heaters.

We’re so confident of our WeldlessWeave™ that we offer a 5-year warranty on all of our HotBox resistors!

The HotBox Xtreme™ is ideal for heating
large spaces, buildings, and machines and
processes, without the problems of kerosene or propane heating, such as mold-causing moisture, fires, and carbon monoxide.
• warehouses, tents
• buildings under construction
• heavy industry, such as steel mills,
refineries, chemical processing
Heating Elements: HotBox Xtreme™ uses
our WeldlessWeave™, the toughest resistor
element available. This element allows for
maximum heat transfer in the smallest space.
We’re so sure of it, we offer a 5-year warranty!

Cooling: The heating elements are cooled by an integrally-mounted, high-volume,
tube-axial blower.

Controls: HotBox Xtreme™ is controlled by a
combination blower-on/thermostat, plus on/off switches for each stage of heating. The
thermostat allows for temperature control from 60 to 120F. The controls are shielded by a heavy metal guard to prevent accidental damage.

Terminal Access: The removable side panel
allows access to the customer’s bolted
connections. Cables are led through the base
of the heater and bolted to the heavy-duty
stainless-steel terminals.

Fuse Access: The top removable panel allows
easy access to the high-quality Buss™ fuses.

Maneuverability: Extreme maneuverability is
provided by two large-diameter wheels and
two swivel casters with stop brakes. The two
wheelbarrow handles allow the
to be easily handled by one person.
Four lifting eyes are also provided for easy lifting. The
HotBox Xtreme™ is the smallest and lightest heater of this size available today.
Construction: HotBox Xtreme™ is made
of heavy-duty, rugged sheet metal with
expanded-metal inlet and exhaust
coverings. The paint finish is electrostatic
powder-coated – the toughest finish

Cables: Just let us know the cable size
and length that you would like and we’ll
make them for you, including cable lugs on
the HotBox Xtreme end.

Each unit is provided with hardware for the customer to connect flexible ducting.

Each heater is provided with an
overtemperature switch (automatic reset).
Every electric circuit is protected by
heavy-duty Buss™ fuses and magnetic
contactors. All components are rated for
600V. And because the heating is electric,
there is no danger of dangerous fumes,
fires, or mould-causing moisture.

The HotBox Xtreme™ has a
one-year warranty on workmanship and
materials, and a 5-year warranty on the
resistor elements.

We also have a line of smaller heaters
available – the original HotBox,
from 10 to 30 kW.
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