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SAW DEVIL ~ Push & Self-propelled concrete cutters

The Saw Devil CS1 is a lightweight push saw ideal for small flat cutting jobs such as floors and pavement patching and repair, expansion joint cutting, conduit channel cutting and a variety of other flat work. It accommodates 12" and 14" blades for a maximum depth cut of up to 4 5/8".

The Saw Devil CSP3 is a self-propelled saw designed with optimum weight distribution, power and balance. It is ideal for parking lots, streets, driveways, floors and other building and restoration projects. The saw accommodates 12", 14", 16", 18", and 20" for maximum depths of up to 7 5/8".


SAW DEVIL ~ Masonry concrete cutters

The Stone Saw Devil line of masonry block saws blaze through blocks, bricks, paving stones and more. These "Little Devils" are solid, durable and operator friendly. Stone Saw Devil Masonry Block Saws' all-steel frames, sealed bearings and stationary engine platforms stand up to the most complicated block cutting.

MS1 Block Saw
The "Handy Li'l Devil" - MS1. Tough, Fast, Portable.
MS2 Block Saw
The "Smart Li'l Devil" - MS2 is the Professional Choice.